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24th February 2014. Liakoura summit, Parnassos Mountain. No lifts. Just you and the entire mountain covered in powder. Every glimpse is a new line. Hasty breath. You try to slow it down.  A challenging task based on what you experienced. The abundance of white helps. It calms you down. Suddenly you are covered in powder and yet you think. Will this be enough? – wondering while you fasten your bindings. You can hear the snowmobiles approaching. Your thoughts are interrupted. Whitecast’s team is coming with the rest of your buddies. They can’t imagine your thoughts during the few minutes that you were alone. Or maybe they can?

Whitecast, the first official crew of the upcoming network theXtreme.me was born up there, at Liakoura Summit.  Its purpose is to take you and your friends there as well as at the other great mountains of Greece. Because what we experienced that day, simply cannot be left unshared.  We stopped talking. Our masks are on, we are ready to go. From this point on, words will not suffice. You know this, you can imagine it. You have seen it in videos at youtube and in movies. Its the feeling that you have when you have just finished your run and you are only thinking of having another go.

www.whitecast.gr – the first Greek Freeride Snowmobile & Exploration team is here to take you where the lifts cannot go!

our team

Aris Started to ski when he was 6 mostly on family trips. He lives in a small village in northern suburbs of Athens in Parnitha and recalls when they had 1-2 meters of snow. Sledding around mountains to find deep, fresh and uncharted powder runs is what he loves doing in the cold days of winter.
Dimitris As the team leader, he is the strongest yet wisest sled rider in the crew. He has ridden around the world and has participated in the most famous sledcamps. His experience includes riding with sled legends like Chris Burandt and Chris Brown.
Mike He loves to snowboard on fresh, deep powder on edgy slopes. He is the quickest down the hill. We gave him the nickname Xavie because he always cares about us all!
Thimios He sometimes whizzes on the way up or when sledding hard on a steep slope. He loves a logical way of thinking and open wide deep powdered slopes. We call him Averel because of his whiskers.
Zisis The calmest member of the team and the most experienced sledder after Dimitris.


Spyros Spyros, an avid snowboarder with amazing crossfit capabilities!
Thodoris Started to ski before birth, inventor of kite surfing and downhill mtb! Thodoris is an all-around sportsman, but mostly he likes freeride skiing and exploring the mountain.