trips 26/01/2016:
No no no. You should definitely not forget about this one. Latest snowfall pointed Dirfys on the map, and so we did the same thing. Though it was our first day of this season as snow season had been delayed, we… READ MORE
trips 10/04/2015:
Location: Parnassos Date: March 3rd Snow Conditions: fresh powder :-) Stoked. That’s the word we shared with Jim when we both woke up and looked outside the window. That is exactly what we saw… #epic… READ MORE
trips 07/04/2015:
Day 1 Destination:Lasithiotika Ori These people are awesome @ Avrakontes After hours of digging we finally got ourselves in a beautiful mix of snow covered valleys and peaks…… READ MORE
articles 02/04/2015:
Snowmobiling as a sport is especially popular in the US and Canada and some countries of Europe. In Greece the sport is on its very early stages and we know little about it. Most of us have seen snowmobiles in… READ MORE
trips 07/03/2015:
Had a powder call from Crete’s local folks Fani, Niko, Nikiforo & Kosta and our brand new 7 meter snowmobile trailer was ready just in time to make its first and furthest trip… Everything was arranged literally at the last minute and… READ MORE
trips 07/02/2015:
The winter has officially started. Vasilitsa give us the first sunny deep powder Saturday of the season. Despite our expectations, the following day was foggy. We decided to head east to explore another new destination, 3-5 Pigadia. READ MORE
trips 13/01/2015:
After one week of moderate snowfall, Dimitris, Mike and myself (Aris) saw a sunny day in We quickly decided to pack our things.  Unfortunatelly Zisis and Thimios couldn’t make it. We… READ MORE
trips 08/01/2015:
It has been snowing for a while now. Unfortunately the strong winds are persisting. We had to look for a place protected from north winds, at relatively low altitudes, and with as many trees as possible. Ziria seemed to fit the… READ MORE
trips 05/01/2015:
We decided to go north. The recent snowfalls showed us some good opportunity for snowmobiling. We made some last minute readjustments in the RMKs and headed to Anilio. Not the biggest ski resort in Greece but… READ MORE